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The 3 1/2 Gender identity is part of the Fractional Genders, including 1/2 Gender, 1 1/2 Gender, and 1 1/3 Gender. The Fractional Genders utilize fractions as a way to symbolize their place on the gender spectrum.

3 1/2 Gender is a gender identity where one identifies as having three different genders, while only having a partial 4th gender. They have three stable or unchanging gender identities, while having one that is fluid. This is illustrated as they move between having three and four genders depending on the day.


Some people believe that the term "3 1/2 Gender" is discriminatory, as it excludes people who identify in majority 3 genders or majority 4 genders. They say that the term signifies that they are at a half-way point, while they tend to be more fluid. They prefer the term "3-4 Gender".


Many people who identify as having a fractional gender have been discriminated against with the term "halfie". However, some Fractional Gender People have begun to take back the word and refer to themselves as "halfies." But, because this take-back has not been officially acknowledged, the use of "halfie" is still not condoned.