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The prefix accipio (pronounced ah-chee-peeoh) is Latin for: I accept, I take for myself, to recognize, to understand.

Accipiogender is a term that encompasses people who were born and grew up without the imposition of gender roles (with gender neutral parenting), and who may or may not identify themselves with some gender(s) later on. [1]

The flag contains the following colors: black, symbolizing the mourning because of bad things caused by the imposition of gender; blue and pink, representing cisnormative and exorsexist/binarist imposition of gender; white, a neutral color, is layered behind the imposition of gender, and symbolizes the neutral or non-existent experience of gender. The yellow bird means freedom.

Term created in 2016 by Rexistencia Não Binária (Nonbinary RExistence, a Brazilian collective).