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Adigenderfluid (made from genderfluid with the addition of the prefixes a- which means without and di- which means two), is a gender identity which is described as flowing between different genders, but only within the non-binary spectrum and never having any femininity or masculinity. This is similar, but different to genderflor, which describes genderfluidity only encompassing genders that aren't male or female. However, since a gender can be feminine without being female/female-aligned or masculine without being male/male-aligned, adigenderfluid describes an experience without any femininity or masculinity.

Since people differ, adigenderfluid can also be used to describe an experience of genderfluidity without femininity or masculinity, which still may include male/female or both male and female. In this case, these are simply different experiences/forms of male and female that are neither feminine or masculine.

Xenogenders which are not viewed through the standard lens of male/female/non-binary are up to interpretation. A xenogender may be the "equivalent" of feminine or masculine if it was put in the context of a different world/culture/universe, which may mean that it could be excluded from the experience of an adigenderfluid individual. There are nuances and exceptions as is common, so this section should not be taken as a judgment on whether or not individuals are adigenderfluid because of a certain xenogender being included in their gender experience.


There is no known flag for the adigenderfluid gender identity.


This gender was coined / given a name on the 21st of April, 2021.