"Affigo" (pronunciation: /afˈfiː.ɡoː/) is the Latin word for, "I imprint on, I attach to."

Affigogender is a term for people who were raised with an assigned and imposed gender. They may choose to hold on to and live as that gender (which characterizes a cisgender person), or they may disagree with their gender assignment (which characterizes someone who can identify as transgender). [1]

The flag contains the following colors: black, symbolizing the mourning for bad things caused by the imposition of gender; blue and pink, representing the cisnormative and exorsexist/binarist imposition of gender; and white, a request for peace from gender assignment and imposition.

Term created in 2016 by Rexistencia Não Binária (Nonbinary RExistence, a Brazilian collective).


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