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What is Aftgender?

Aftgender is the term used to describe people with their pronouns assigned at birth, but the desire to change their body to the opposing sex. It could simply be defined as "having transgender body dysphoria without any pronoun dysphoria." For example, an Aftgender male goes by he/him but changes the body to be a female. An Aftgender female would be someone who identifies as she/her, but transitions her body. Typically, this term goes hand in hand with "demigender." This does not mean that you have to go through transition surgery to be Aftgender. People can dress feminine, while identifying as male with he/him pronouns.

Creation of Aftgender

The term Aftgender was created in January of 2021. The word comes from the word "Aft" meaning "at, near, or toward the stern of a ship or tail of an aircraft." The word Aftgender referred to the bottom of the person. Since the bottom is where Aftgender puts the significance towards, that is what represents the group. The first mentions of Aftgender came on discord and on reddit (r/Aftgender). Soon after, the term was brought up on TikTok just days later.

Meanings & Symbolism of the Flag

There are three colors to the Aftgender flag. The colors are indigo, tan, and pink. The indigo represents Inner Balance and Self Love. The tan represents Duality and Oneness. The last one, pink, represents health and love. There is a bit more to this flag than most. The sizes of the stripes also represent something. The top stripe is the largest one, being indigo. It represents the fact that Aftgender people are mostly cis minus the colorful changes to the bottom that give uniqueness. The bottom is special and what gives the flag its character, which is representative of the Aftgender community.