Androcontragender is a gender identity consisting of three genders, one being androgyne, and the other two being direct opposites, like male and female, or transgender and cisgender. The androcontragender person can feel these three genders simultaneously, or fluctuate between them.

Androcontragender is a gender not yet recognized by the LGBT community. It is a pocket gender created by ASOUEfan (wiki user), or Ivan Shea Santana (real life).

The name derives from a few english prefixes and words. The first five letters, “andro,” imply that one of the three genders in the identity is androgynous. The next few letters, “contra,” simply mean opposite.

The androcontragender person may feel androgyne on some days, one of the opposite genders on some other days, and the list goes on.

A pride flag is still in the works.

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