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Bigenderfluix flag made by FANDOM user Benjiboisbeans

Bigenderfluix is a gender identity in which someone identifies with two genders (much like Bigender); said genders will be fluid and fluctuate, much like Bigenderflux but there is another part to this gender; it is fluid as well, sometimes a person who identifies as bigenderfluix will for example; identify with the two genders male and female will feel only male at sometimes and only female at others, but they may also feel mostly male with a small part of female and visa versa. They may also feel completely genderless at other times, or mostly genderless with small parts of one or two of the other genders they identify with in the "background" either one at a time or at the same time. Bigenderfluix may also be called bigender-fluidflux.


This gender identity was coined by FANDOM user "Benjiboisbeans" on May 28, 2021


The bigenderfluix flag was created by FANDOM user "Benjiboisbeans" on May 28, 2021. The pinks in the bigenderfluix flag are for female and feminine aligned genders, the blues are for male and masculine aligned genders, the purple is for mixed genders like: Male-Female, and lastly the yellow is for Non-Binary genders.