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Boyflux flag (1)

Boyflux flag (2)

Boyflux is a gender identity in which a person can feel mostly or completely male most of the time but experiences varying degrees of male identity. For example, one could feel 0% (agender), 50% (demiboy), 100% (male), or anything in between like paraboy or libramasculine. The intensity can fluctuate over any period of time.

Boyflux is a type of genderfluidity and a subset of genderflux. Genderflux is a term used to describe any gender‘s intensity fluctuating. Boyflux is a specific gender off of genderflux, but it can be any binary or nonbinary gender. (i.e agenderflux, girlflux, bigenderflux)

Some boyflux people, like other fluid or flux genders, may go by different names depending on how they currently identify. Most people only do two or three, but there may be more depending on circumstance.

Flag Meaning

In the first flag:

  • The varying colors of blue represent the fluctuating intensity of the male identity
  • The green in the center represents agender, or lack of gender