Cancegender Flag

Cancegender or Agenderfluid is a gender identity where one primarily uses agender as their “base” gender but can experience fluid and/or fluxing gender feelings in tandem with their emotions. These feelings may be confusing or upsetting to the individual and cause their emotional state to go unstable, resulting in gender changes. This term can alternatively be referred to as agenderfluid, but it is different in the sense that it is related to your emotions.

Cancegender is a zodiacgender based on the constellation Cancer.


This term was initially coined by prideful-concerto.


I personally use "They/Them" pronouns where possible (like with my wife), I can go from any gender to any other gender in minutes, days, or weeks (I once spent 6 months in one gender, that was weird) but will always come back to being without gender (agender). It is, thus far, the closest I can come to explaining my gender identity in as few words as possible - Will



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