A chosen name is a method of which any individual may choose a preference of a name that is proposed by the person themselves or another individual. This choice is frequently utilized so that it fits neatly with the individuals‘ preferred gender. A chosen name is implicitly different from a birth name or a dead name. Transgender people generally choose a new name when socially transitioning because their birth name did not fit their gender identity or the name was a form of involuntary gender exclusivism. Other times, dead names carry emotional baggage that would want to be discarded, even if it was already gender neutral. In most circumstances, names can be chosen out of any preferred binary or gender neutral names that will satisfy the individuals gender identity. Names chosen are frequently gender neutral, although binary names are an additional choice.

Legal Name Change

Most jurisdictions allow individuals to legally change their name, usually by petitioning the court and appearing for a hearing. Through this process a chosen name can become a person's legal name as well. Documents like a driver's license, passport, birth certificate, or other government-issued ID get updated/re-issued to reflect this change.

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