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Cisgender is a term for someone whose gender identity aligns with their sex assigned at birth. This term was created for those who refer themselves as "non-transgender" without alienating other transgender people. The term cisgender is the opposite of the word transgender.

Cisgender may sometimes be referred to as cissexual (corresponding to transsexual, not to be confused with a sexual orientation), or shortened to cis.


Cisgender has its origin in the Latin-derived prefix cis-, meaning "on this side of", which is the opposite of trans-, meaning "across from" or "on the other side of".


  • If you were born with a penis and identify as a man, you’re a cisgender man.
  • if you were born with a vagina and identify as a woman, you’re a cisgender woman.
  • I grew up in a family with a cisgender and heterosexually identified mother and father of the same race (White) who had 2 children when they were well into their late 20s and early 30s and after they legally married with the full support of both their families.

— Carla A. Pfeffer

  • In a very real and measurable way, cisgender identity is no longer unmarked, universal, or assumed. It is denoted, limited, and in conversation with trans identities—or at least we're moving in that direction.

— Hugh Ryan

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