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This page is in dispute

Progressilarst's version

Cisphobia is a word people use when they deeply lack understanding of power structures. It is the idea that a heavily oppressed and marginalized group, one who does not even make 1% of the population, having fear and anxiety towards their oppressors is itself a form of oppression. It's an idea favored by those ignorant to their own privilege, those who revere power, and those who believe that the only correct course of action for queer folks is to do everything in their power to conform and submit to the cis-heteronormative society that has oppressed them.

Centilarst's version

Cisphobia is the fear or hatred of cisgender people. It is not recognized fully by the LGBTQ+ community. There are many forms of cisphobia:

  • General rudeness: Having a negative attitude to cisgender people.
  • Sex: For example, a cisgender heterosexual woman is about to have sex with a transgender man. (She does not know he is transgender). Upon learning this, she does not want to have sex with him because of his female genitalia. He then labels her as transphobic. This is also an example of heterophobia as he does not respect that she is heterosexual.
  • Die cis scum: This is a phrase sometimes used by the transgender community in protest of the oppression they face. This is a phrase which is extremely offensive, because it is sending death threats to the cisgender community.
  • Ignorance: Many people don't recognize cisphobia. We need to raise awareness to this growing issue.

Hatred can come from anybody. That's the sad reality of our world. Cisgender people can experience hate from transgender people who think they are allowed to hate on cisgenders because they are a minority. Cisphobia exists, just like transphobia. They are both issues that we should try to get rid of instead of creating more conflict in deciding what's real and what's not.

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