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Demi-bigender is a gender falling under bigender which means that the person identities with 2 genders partially at the same time. A demi-bigender person may also switch between demiboy and demigirl as more of a genderfluid experience. Another variation of this gender is demi-trigender which is the same plus another nonbinary gender as well.



The color meanings for the alternative flag design: The grays are the partial feeling of gender, the pink is the traditional color of femininity, blue for masculinity, and the thin purple lines are for a combination of the genders. The white stripe in the middle is for gender shifting or any non-binary/other binary genders (Such as Androgynous). If this flag happens to be offensive or disliked, you are free to take it down! -Foxshade2005

Alt. Demi-bigender Design by user Foxshade2005 [Re-designed]

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