Demigirlflux is a combination of two gender identities - Demigirl and Girlflux.

  • Demigirl, in the simplest form of explanation, is the in-between state of non-binary and woman / partially but not wholly feeling like a girl
  • Girlflux is when your femininity fluctuates, but never enough to fully feel like a boy.


Putting these two terms together, it's when you feel more of a connection to feminity (hence demigirlflux) and your gender is also fluid. At the most feminine, you feel like a demigirl, and your most masculine, you may feel more like a demiboy or similar masculine genders.

You can feel any other gender identity between demigirl and demiboy. These include, but are not limited to;

  • Bigender
  • Agender
  • Non-binary
  • And any other non-binary identity between demigirl and demiboy.

Demigirlflux people can use she/her and they/them pronouns, along with any other pronouns they feel comfortable using.

The masculine counterpart is demiboyflux and the gender neutral counterpart is demigenderflux.

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