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Diastasi is a singularian gender, it's in another plane (or dimension) of the rest of recognized genders. It is not masculine, not feminine, not a mixture of both nor neutral, but is also not the absence of gender. It is very strongly gendered. It's an atrinary gender and can be similar to maverique, it can possibly be a xenogender.

Transparent floor simulation where the spectrum is visualized below, being able to move in it without having contact with alignments.

It can be described as like one is like walking on a glass floor where one can see the gender spectrum far below them. This glass is totally smooth and transparent, and if one moves in it, they still don't experience any known gender from the gender spectrum.


The term and flag were created by Tumblr user silaswave on April 27, 2021. Yellow and orange represent it being an abinary identity. White references “transparent glass”. Gray represents gender weakness. Black represents denial and loss of gender.

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