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Distentagender is a gender that describes a person who's gender stays unlabeled, meaning a Distentagender person could not want to be labeled by a specific definition of gender. Distentagender, could fall under the Agender branch, being similar with the idea of not wanting to label themselves. But they still have a gender. 'Distenta' is Latin for unlabeled. Distentagender people have mixed feelings on the concept of having a gender, or gender label/name. Some Distentagender people may also like Cassgender being as both might have a rough idea of gender, but they don't use it to define their gender identity. Distentagender people don't often attempt to change their gender expression, or feel the need to express themselves to show sign of gender.Distentagender people may describe themselves as the following:

  • Gender repulsed, or deeply disliking the idea of being named by a specific gender
  • Feeling confused on how to represent their gender expression
  • Not liking the idea of being masculine, feminine or androgynous
  • Thinking of themselves as a person, instead of a girl or boy
  • Not liking to be bound or grounded by gender
  • Distentagender Flag

    Expressing their gender freely, or expressing themselves through personality and colour