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Enby (n.,adj.) is a short queer term that refers to a "non-binary person." Enby is a phonetic pronunciation of the letters NB, an initialism for non-binary, people who may not identify their gender as male or female. This label is used alternatively as part of the gender and sex terminology binary, replacing the binary terms boy, man, woman or girl. noun or adjective.

Some people who may identify as non-binary are uncomfortable with the word "enby," as they may find it “childish-sounding“ or “infantilizing”. It is advised that you request consent for the usage of this term when referring to someone. 


"They are neither a boy nor a girl, but an enby."

"My best friend Sam is an enby."

"I am dating an enby who makes me feel special."

"'Are you a boy or a girl?' 'Actually, I'm an enby!'"