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Black represents all genders. Pink represents the more feminine side of the genders. Blue represents the more masculine side of the genders. Yellow represents any genders other than male and female. White represents no gender or non-binary (depends on who uses the flag)

An alternative version of the flag with a genderfluid and pangender symbol mixed toegther

Fluidexpangender (also known as fluidexpan-gender, fluidxpan-gender, fluidxpan-gender) is a gender identity that describes those who identify as all genders, but also have a dominant gender that is fluid or a dominant gender that is absent. Someone who is fluidexpan-gender may use all pronouns, some pronouns, or no pronouns. They may only use the pronouns that go along with their dominant gender.

A dominant gender is the gender that appears more often or that is felt more than all the other genders. This gender could be used as a reference for pronouns and could be the gender they go by when around others.

The dominant gender can be easily called genderfluid.

The dominant gender may change every day, every month, every year, etc, depending on the person. It varies.

The word fluid represents a fluid gender that changes to fit the person.

Fluidexpan-gender is not the same as genderfluid, pangender, and agender. It is it's own seperate thing. But someone is able to refer to themselves as genderfluid, pangender, and agender. This does not take away from them being fluidexpan-gender.


This term was discovered in LGBTQ Chat. It is unknown who coined this term.


The flag was created in 2020 on November 1st.


The prefix ex means 'out of' or 'out'

The prefix pan means 'all'