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This theory is a combination of the dimensional models (A Single Continuum, 2D Graph Theory, and the N-dimensional gender space) with Gender set theory and scalar fields defined in mathematics. Under this theory, your gender is a field that either collapses when observed like in Quantum field theory or doesn't. A scalar field associates a scalar value to every point in a space. In this case a gender space. In Gender Field theory assignment fulfills the equation: "Sum over all points = 1" or in other words it is a probability distribution. This field may collapse when observed as in observer interpretation of Quantum field theory or may be observable in its entirety.

Example of genders under this theory

  • genderfulid is a changing field.
  • agender is a field with most of its density focused around the origin
  • Ambonec is a field with part of its density around male, part around female and may have density around other genders but most notably it has little density between male and female.
  • Androgyne is a field with most of its density along the line from male to female.
  • Antigender is a field where it has low density where the associated gender has high density. In the case of genders focused on one end of an axis the antigender if focused on the other end of that axis
  • Demigender is a gender that has some density around the classical area for that gender but not enough to be fully identified as that gender.
  • Libragender is a field with most of its density focused around the origin but enough elsewhere to be noticeable.
  • Nanogender is a gender with a barely noticeable amount of density around the classical area for that gender.
  • Pangender is a field with a nearly uniform distribution.

advanced theory


  • Gender space - the space the scalar values are applied to.
  • Gender point - a point in gender space
  • Gender field assignment(FA) - a static assignment of scalars to the gender field.
  • Gender field assignment function -a function over time that gives out Gender field assignments.
  • Instantaneous gender identity - the gender identity a person has at any one moment of time. This is a gender field assignment.
  • gender identity- a gender field assignment function which a person has or could have.

assumptions of this section

  • Gender space is a coordinate space (a set of n-Tuples (Tuples with size N)). Or in simpler terms the N dimensional extension of the coordinate system used in high school math. For you math nerds it is isometric to R(N) meaning it is compete vector space with norm, a dot product and a metric.