Coined by Dan Shive (the creator of El Goonish Shive) through the character of Elliot Dunkel from Dan's webcomic El Goonish Shive. It resembles but is distinct from Gender Fluid. In context it seems to apply to someone with no gender dysphoria regardless of sex or gender expression but having a desire to have the option to change them (instant magical transformation of both being possible in the El Goonish Shive universe). It also seems to entail partial to complete indifference at being referred to by any set of pronouns regardless of gender expression unless intended as misgendering and stands even if a pronoun preference has been stated. Dan seems to classify it as a subset of Agender but it seems to have aspects of Greygender and of Cogender.

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  • Gender casual is first mentioned here and the two comics defining it can be seen here (in the comic itself) and here (in the author commentary). Dan has previously described his gender identity (and sexual orientation) as "Non-committal shrug" here.
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