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Gender traditionalist is a person who believes in traditional ideals concerning Biological Gender, as defined by the society and culture they are a part of. In addition to the belief in these culturally traditional Genders, however, Gender Traditionalists often also promote and engage in the social expectations, roles, and behaviors that are ascribed to them.

In Westernized countries such an ideology often focuses on binary genders (male and female), and is linked closely to Gender Essentialism, Biologism, and similar ideals. On its own, Standard Western Gender Traditionalism often enspouses the belief that these roles are the most optimal for the biological sexes to fulfil- and that they are necessary for a well working society.

Such ideologies, however, are the most prevelent among those who are members of Protestant denominations of Christianity. This subset of Traditionalist Belief is often refered to as Christian Traditionalism- or a form of Gender Traditionalism whose beliefs and particular modes of participation are rooted in Biblical Scripture and Christian Belief. Many studies have been done on this form of Gender Traditionalism in particular, especially concerning how it contributes to Domestic Vit the only form which exists, however; there are several varriants of this ideology which exist globally. In recent years, Modern Gender Traditionalism in particular has been established- which intersects Gender Traditionalism with such ideologies as Gender Theory and Liberal Feminism.

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