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Genderdoe (also called genderthil) is a form of genderfluidity that never encompasses feeling masculine or man-aligned. This is different from the binary gender female because it may include genders other than male and female (aporagender). It can be between male and female (androgyne), the feeling of no gender (agender), or any other non-binary gender.

Genderdoe/thil/fae and Antiboy

Genderdoe/thil is not the same as antiboy because, while antiboy may be a single static identity, this is a fluid one, changing from multiple different genders. Also, antiboys do feel the opposite of a boy but do not feel like girls.


The name "genderfae" has been deemed offensive by some pagan people because it contains the word fae, so the gender identity has been renamed genderdoe. Most pagans don't view "genderfae" as offensive, but one could choose to use genderdoe instead for any reason.

After a February 2021 census targeting pagan and Celtic people, the Gender Census concluded that “It can’t be cultural appropriation from Celtic cultures because fairy-like beings are not unique to Celtic cultures and Celtic cultures don’t call them Fae.” and “It can’t be cultural appropriation from pagan cultures because paganism is not “closed” or exclusive in any way, it’s too broad and open.” are the predominant views among these communities[1].

See also

  • Genderfaun, which does not encompass the feeling of femininity.
  • Genderflor, a form of genderfluidity that never encompasses male, female, masculine, or feminine genders
  • Genderfaer, a form of genderfluidity that never encompasses being completely and entirely male.