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The genderfloren flag.

Genderfloren is a form of genderfluidity in which someone is only fluid between genders that are not binary man or binary woman. A genderfloren person can experience genders that are completely unaligned such as neutrois, maverique, agender, etc. They can also experience genders that are partly connected to masculinity or femininity, such as demiboy/demigirl, proxvir/juxera, libramasculine/librafeminine, etc. They are never a binary man or woman.


The first apparent mention of genderfloren is on Tumblr user Gender-Resource's April 2020 Gender Jargon list[1]. There does not appear to be any other coining post.

🖤 Kiiiiira-chan! 🖤 from the discord server LGBTA+ Wiki created the flag on July 5, 2020 based on the feminine but not binary female part of the genderfaunet flag and the masculine but not binary male part of the genderfaer flag.


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