Girlflux is a gender identity in which a person can feel mostly or completely female most of the time but experiences varying degrees of female identity, despite their biological sex. For example, one could feel 0% (agender), 50% (demigirl), 100% (woman), or anything in between like paragirl and librafeminine. The intensity can fluctuate over any period of time.

Girlflux is a form of genderfluidity and a subset of genderflux which is a term used to describe any person’s gender idenity fluctuating. Girlflux is a specific gender identity off of genderflux, but can be any binary or nonbinary gender. (i.e boyflux, agenderflux, bigenderflux)


In the first flag:

  • The varying colors of pink/red represent the fluctuating intensity of the female identity
  • The tan stripe in the middle represents agender, or a lack of gender



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