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Girlflux is a gender identity in which a person can experience varying degrees of female identity, despite their biological sex. For example, one could feel 0% (agender), 50% (demigirl), 100% (woman), or anything in between such as paragirl and librafeminine. The intensity can fluctuate over any period of time.

Girlflux is a form of genderfluidity and a subset of genderflux which is a term used to describe any person’s gender idenity fluctuating. Girlflux is a specific gender identity off of genderflux, but can be any binary or nonbinary gender. (i.e boyflux, agenderflux, bigenderflux)


The colours on the flag represent: Genderlessness (black), Non-conforming (white), not being committed to one gender (grey), a halfway point between femininity and non-confirming (light pink), very much feminine (hot pink).

On the original girlflux flag, the three large stripes of pink represent varying levels of femininity. The meanings of the five small stripes are as follows: blue represents male and masculine genders, purple stands for genders between male and female, the green is there for genders outside of the binary, the white for the lack of gender like agenderness or similar identities, and grey for unknown or unnamed genders.

On the alternate flag, the varying colors of pink/red represent the fluctuating intensity of the female identity, and the tan stripe in the middle represents agender, or a lack of gender.