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  1. Decide on what kind of character you want to write. The most important is that character is well rounded and fits in their role.
  2. decide on your character gender identity. Fortunately, we have a (Partial) list.
  3. decide how much your character knows about thier own gender identity. Not every transgender person knows they are transgender. Likely they going to know by story end but they might not know at story start.
  4. Remember the the usual rules about infodumping apply to transgender status. It doesn't need to be the first thing the reader learns about the character, it should come naturally.
  5. TALK TO REAL LIFE TRANSGENDER PEOPLE IF YOU ARE NOT, YOURSELF, A REAL LIFE TRANSGENDER PEOPLE. Learn about their experiences, have them read you work to see if you wrote something that is offensive/politically incorrect/just plain not true.

Things to avoid

Some trans people pass very well. So avoid the man in a dress trope.

Remember not all trans people are male to female. Some are female to male or male to Neutrois or form any gender identity to any other gender identity.

If your story is not strictly about Being Trans, you don't always have to reveal they are trans. They can trans.

Intersex transgender people do happen but not every Intersex person is trans and not every trans person is Intersex.

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