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Selenogender flag created by lyric at The colours of the moon phase shapes are based on those of the genderfluid flag.[1]

Lunagender, also called monagender, monegender, or selenogender (all of which mean in some way "moon gender"), is a fluid gender identity that changes on a consistent, orderly cycle, reminding one of a lunar cycle.


In 2014, Tumblr user drkiriko/publicmiddleschool created and defined the terms monagender, monegender, and selenogender as:

"A gender experience of fluidity in which your perception of your gender, or even the foundation of your gender itself, shifts in a consistent way in many ways over a period of days, weeks, months, or even years, especially with long or short periods of various xenogender based feelings and perceptions. like the phases of the moon, your gender experiences similarly phases over time, in a same or similar order, consistently. i suppose this would be a subset of genderfluidness with a focus on order & xenogender feelings or feelings of gender that cannot be contained in a human understanding, but not always."[2]

Similarly, in 2014, Tumblr user missjacksoninthemorning created and defined the label of lunagender as "a gender that one experiences in a sort of cycle, or in regular phases; a gender that can be best described as dictated by the cycles of the moon. can be modified, like lunagirl or lunaboy."[3]

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