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Mekangender flag.

Mekangender is a gender identity that's related to soft masculinity. This means those who can relate to being soft and masculine at the same time, or in a fluid way. One does not need to identify as male to be mekan.

It is similar to terms like juparian, but without the celestial attributes. It may or may not fall under the rosboy umbrella, depending on how feminine the person perceives their softness as.


The term was coined by FANDOM user Hiddn.haydn on August 24, 2021.


The word "mekan" comes from the Serbian word мекан, which means soft or tender. This was chosen because of the general association between Slavic languages and masculinity.


The flag was created by Fandom user Blipbloop11 on August 25 of 2021, the colors blue and green are often associated with masculinity, while pastel colors are thought to be soft and/or feminine.