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Multiflux flag created by @SCARREDWOLFO on Twitter

Multiflux is an umbrella term that represents all fluctuating genders under the subcategory of genderflux that can contain multiple genders. This term is similar in meaning to the umbrella term multigender, but multiflux

Multiflux flag (1) created by Vividals.

represents genders relating to genderflux and in some way fluctuate.

There are a few ways that a multiflux gender can be experienced. One could switch between multiple genders and have those fluctuate in intensity separately. For example, one could feel male but then switch to female, and that female identity can fluctuate.

One could also feel multiple genders simultaneously but only a section of that will fluctuate. For example, one could feel a mix of male and female, but only the male part of it fluctuates.

The term multiflux or multigender can be used both as an umbrella term and a gender identity in its own right.

The term was coined by Vividals on this site.

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