Nergender Flag created by Gent (Gender-Resource)

Nergender is a gender identity that refers to ones’ gender that is verily of a particular gender, although not in the typical or normative sense. Alternative uses for this term can include Nerboy, Nergirl, etc.


This term was first coined by s1tchy-boi in 2020. The Nergender flag was created by Gent (Gender-Resource) in 2020. The creator of this term is a transmedicalist and anti-MOGAI.


“Ner”, from unknown origin and definition + “-gender”, an English, neologistic suffix indicating genderedness. To refer to a particular gender, the prefix “Ner-” is used in combination with the given gender.


The flag consists of five, solid-colored horizontal stripes. From top to bottom, they are turquoise, olive, dark brown, lilac and salmon. The stripes hold the following meaning:

The turquoise stripe represents untypical expression and masculine identification The olive stripe represents untypical expression and gender-neutral identification The dark brown stripes represents gender untypicality and non-normativity. The lilac stripe represents untypical expression and androgynous identification. The salmon stripe represents untypical expression and feminine identification.

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