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Ni/Nir/Nirs are a set of neopronouns used as a female counterpart of Ni/Nim/Nis (Coined by @NonbinarySushiRoll). They are used in place of binary pronouns, singular they pronouns, or neopronouns. They are based off of the binary pronoun "she" in the sense of how it is used. People of any gender can use this pronoun, however it is intended to be for more feminine gendered people such as females, demigirls, genderfae(r), girlflux, etc. They were coined by @ChipTheocelot.


  • Ni is a good person
  • This is my gift for nir. I hope ni likes it
  • Ni loves nirself no matter what people say
  • Ni has such a lovely name
  • Nir pronouns are nir choice, not yours
  • I love nir for who ni is