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Octogender is a Multigender term for a person who identifies as exactly eight genders. These genders could be experienced simultaneously or one could be fluid between them. These genders could be any genders, including but not limited to: Woman,man, Non-binary genders, Xenogenders, Otherkin genders, Anongender identities genders, Demigenders, and genders on the agender spectrum.


Octogender first appeared on the LGBTQ+ wiki on March 19th, 2021, it was created by the TikTok user Him1koz. It was mentioned on a video by zem but it has been deleted.


The pink on the Octogender flag represents femininity, blue for masculinity, green for non-binary identities, yellow for kingenders, purple for demigirls and demiboys, and the red stars for doxigenders, fluid genders, trigender, and multigender.