Welcome to Gender Wiki! We are a pretty tolerant community, except when you don't follow the policies. Please read the following carefully and ask any administrators if you have any questions.


Please do not do the following.

  • Parading (Pretending to be someone you're not)
  • Vandalism (Editing a page maliciously)
  • Spam (Posting the same thing over and over, or unwanted advertisements)
  • Move vandalism (Moving articles to where they shouldn't be)
  • Inappropriate account naming (Naming your account something you shouldn't)
  • Harassing (Stalking or bullying another user)
  • Blanking pages (Removing all content from a page)
  • Sockpuppeting (Abusing multiple accounts)
  • Personal attacks (Making false accusations)
  • Cuss (Swear)
  • Insulting (Making fun of somebody)
  • Plagiarizing (Stealing someone else's work)
  • Publicly stating hate-speech (Writing things that are considered prejudice)
  • Giving out personal information (Posting someone's address, for example)
  • Cyber-Bullying (Bullying using technology)

Doing any of the above will result in a warning. If you continue to do so, you will be blocked from the wiki. Since you are supposed to be at least 13 years old to have a Wikia account, you should know what each of the above is, but a definition is still provided just in case. Please do not do the above. It is really degrading. Thank you!


Any content deemed inappropriate (such as hate speech, one word blogs, single phase blogs, constant cussing, and anything listed in the "Blocking" section) will be deleted immediately and a warning will be issued. If a user continues to create nonsense blogs, they will be blocked.


Doing any of the following will result in a kick for first warning. Any breech of policy after the warning will result in a chat ban.

  • Using Inappropriate Language
  • Sexual Discussions
  • Threats
  • Insults
  • Refusing a private chat from a moderator.
  • All-caps
  • Flooding (Spam)
  • Being away from chat for a long time
  • Giving out personal information
  • Starting pointless fights
  • Harassing
  • Stalking
  • Cyber-sexing
  • Cyber-bulling
  • Cyber-spying
  • Anything that is against the law

If you see anybody doing any of the above, please do tell an administrator.


Users with Rights

Chat Moderators

Chat mods must be active on chat and must be on chat when other users are on. Failure to keep the peace and inactivity after 2 weeks will be demoted.


Users must edit at least 5 times a week to be deemed active. If not editing, undoing vandalism and updating the wiki counts as activity.

Message Page

Insulting other users, harassing them, etc. is not allowed. If offending messages are found they will be deleted immediately and the giving user will receive a block.


User Rights

  • A user may nominate oneself, or another user may nominate another user, with their permission.
  • There must be a majority "Yes" votes in order to be promoted.
  • The maximum number of users with rights are: 2 bureaucrats, 4 admins, 8 rollbacks, and 10 chat moderators (not including rollbacks+, which automatically gain chat moderator rights).
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