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Alternate polyflux flag, based on the original.

Polyflux is a form of polygender where you experience at least 2 genders, but they fluctuate in intensity as well. For example, someone could feel like a boy, a girl, and agender all at once. Polyflux individuals experience at least two permanent genders that fluctuate in intensity, the genders experienced are not limited to binary or non-binary genders. For example, someone may feel as they are male, female, and agender all at once, one day they may feel more male/masculine, and the next day agender, and a few days later female, but they always feel the other genders, even if it's just a little.

There is no set time frame that the genders fluctuate in. Also, the genders could be a single gender, such as demiboy, or a subset of genders, such as genderflux. There is no limit to what genders one could experience as Polyflux as long as one experiences at least 2 genders, and that at some point, they fluctuate in intensity.

This gender can be seen as a subset of genderfluid, genderflux, and multiflux respectively.

Polyflux Pride Flag

Flag Meaning

  • The black in the flag stands for those who are without gender, or agender
  • The shades of blue represent varying intensities of Male/Masculine
  • The shades of pink stand for varying intensities of Female/Feminine
  • The white stands for all genders

    Alternate Pride Flag