The Pseudogender flag

Pseudogender is a gender identity used by someone who is accustomed to their AGAB role as a disguise they use, don't feel uncomfortable with it but would prefer being treated as their true gender and might feel unwell if the binary gender role is fully forced on them. It's similar to Demigender but with focus that the AGAB is not a part of the individual, it's like a confortable mask one use. The Pseudogender may have any gender expression and use any pronoun, although usually don't feel uncomfortable to be called by the binary pronoun. Instead of using the binary terms boy or girl it's recommended to use pseudovenus and pseudomars as a modifier, as female and male are the only roles imposed by society (AIAB individuals, if inclined to use the label, might want to include Intersex in their true gender). But if the person think it fits better, they can use pseudogirl, pseudoboy, pseudowoman, pseudoera, pseudovir, etc.

The Pseudogender flag

The Pseudogender flag

It can be combined with the true gender of the individual, if necessary, like Pseudovenus non-binary or Pseudomars agender, anything that fits. Or, simply, don't mention the true gender if it's undetermined.


The term was created by Twitter user @TheWeirdAce in April 2021 as a way to narrow down a particular gender experience.


The flag was created by the Twitter user @aspectaqueerlar. The external blue/pink stripes represent the AGAB role, black stripes represent a separation between the AGAB role and the person's actual gender (or lack thereof), the gray-purple stripe represent the inherent queerness of the identity, and the white stripe represent many or all genders as white is the photological presence of color and/or light. The white stripe can be changed to do more specific versions, replacing it by the color who identifies the specific gender.


The prefix pseudo- (from Greek ψευδής, pseudes) is used to refer to something that superficially appears to be (or behaves like) one thing, but is something else.

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