Purplegender (otherwise known as purpuragender) is a gender identity term coined by user TheVeryBoredCat. Purplegender does not have a specific pronoun, so purplegender people can use any pronouns they want. Purplegender people are often people who fit with some characteristics of one gender and don't fit with the rest, however this does not define purplegender, but helps create a gender role for it. For example, a purpuraboy who was assigned a boy at birth might play videogames, but not play sports. Or, he/they could be gentle, but not aggressive, unlike cisgender boys. They also are often linked with the colors purple, gray and teal, like how boys are linked with the color blue and girls are linked with the color pink. Once again, these stereotypes help align the gender to create a very distinct and unique gender identity. With that said, purplegender is different than other genders because it is not on the agender spectrum and is not necessarily non-binary, but a purpura(boy/girl/enby) can also identify as any other gender. Even if someone identifies as purplegender and female/non-binary, as long as they are below 21 they are usually considered a purpuraboy/boi because over the past 10-20 years, words like guy, dude, and boy have become less exclusive to the male gender, at least in the United States.

Flag by TheVeryBoredCat

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