Sexual Orientation refers to what gender(s) or sex(es) a person can become attracted to. The term is usually used to encompass multiple forms of attraction but in some cases refers purely to sexual attraction wherein a person's orientation is split into two parts: romantic orientation and sexual orientation. This is especially useful for people who experience a difference in these two aspects of attraction (something common with asexuals in particular).

In English, most labels for sexual orientation rely on a binary understanding of gender, which can create problems for those who are nonbinary or questioning.

Most common labels

Heterosexual / Straight

Attracted to those of the opposite gender/sex.

Homosexual / Gay (male) / Lesbian (female)

Attraction to those of the same gender/sex.


Attraction to 2 or more genders.


Romantic/sexual attraction to some, but not all, genders.


Attraction to all genders, however, gender is a factor in attraction.


Not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity.


A person who feels little to no sexual attraction to anyone.

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