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Skagender is an umbrella term that covers the use of 1st Wave Skagender, 2nd Wave Skagender, 3rd Wave Skagender, Rude Boy, Rude Girl, and Rude Gender

Skagender itself can refer to a gender relating to ska music as a whole. It could also be considered a Musicagender. Skagender is also not inherently feminine or masculine, and pronouns associated with it include ska/skas/skaself

1st Wave Skagender

1st Wave Skagender Flag

1st Wave Skagender is a gender relating to 1st wave ska, also known as Jamaican Skagender. 1st Wave Ska is a combination of Caribbean mento and calypso with American jazz and rhythm & blues, so 1st Wave Skagender would feel relative to those genres mixed together. 1st Wave Skagender is different from other Skagenders because it's much more mellow and feels older, relating closer to the 50's when ska first started.

2nd Wave Skagender

2nd Wave Skagender Flag

2nd Wave Skagender is a gender relating to 2nd wave ska, also known as 2Tone Skagender or Ska-Punkgender. 2Tone Ska fused Jamaican ska rhythms and melodies with the faster tempos and harder edge of punk rock, thus differentiating itself from other Skagenders by feeling a bit faster and looser than the others. It could also feel relative to the 70's when the ska revival hit the UK.

3rd Wave Skagender

3rd Wave Skagender

3rd Wave Skagender is a gender relating to 3rd wave ska, also known as Stake Punk Skagender. 3rd wave ska is the product of ska itself spreading around the world, becoming popular in more places like Germany and Japan. It's mostly replaced the R&B influence with a louder horn section and guitar distortion, leading 3rd Wave Skagender to feel sharper, louder, and more pronounced. It's a slightly more modern feeling Skagender, being from the 80's and 90's.

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