Stargender flag.

The original flag (it's not used much anymore)

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Stargender is a gender with at least three different meanings:

  • Identifying one's gender as a star. Subgenders also exist.[1] For example, a person might identify emself as a blue star, therefore being an O-stargender or B-stargender. If ey identify as a star radiating longer wavelengths, A-stargender, F-stargender or G-stargender are more accurate terms. In addition, a starperson might self-identify as a binary or multiple star system. Fore example, a person self-identified as a binary yellow-orange system with a lonely red dwarf is a GKM-stargender, like the Alpha Centauri system. Under this definition this is a otherkin indenity not a gender one.
  • The second is “an other-worldly/non-human gender” which is likened to being beyond comprehension.
  • The third is “no matter how many genders are discovered/coined, none would match for the person.”


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