T/hey/T/hem/T/heir are a set of neopronouns used as a neutral counterpart of S/he, Him/r, His/r. They are used in place of binary pronouns, singular they pronouns, or neopronouns. They are based off of the binary pronoun "S/he" in the sense of how it is used. People of any gender can use this pronoun, however it is intended to be for more gender neutral people such as non-binary, agender, genderqueer, etc.


These pronouns were first coined by user Guns Før Hands, a Gender Wiki User who holds authority over rollback privileges. There is currently no flag associated with these set of pronouns


Hello! Today I met a agenderflux person who goes by Egypt. T/hey have a wonderful personality. That smile of t/heirs really makes me happy. I could talk to t/hem all day although t/hey don't talk about t/hemself much. I wonder if t/heir day has been wonderful. I hope so!

  • T/hey are a good person
  • This is my gift for t/hem. I hope t/hey like it
  • T/hey love t/heirselves no matter what people say
  • They have such a lovely name
  • T/heir pronouns are t/heir choice, not yours
  • I love t/hem for who t/hey are
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