Tautologender is a semi-satirical gender identity coined by someone who is very confused about their gender. Anyone may actually unironically identify as Tautologender and still be perfectly valid, irregardless of its satirical origins.


By identifying as tautologender you identify as tautologender. Your gender experience is the experiences you have with your gender. You use this label because this label is the one you use.

Those who Identify as Tautologender identify with tautologender’s meaning, and experience the experience of tautologender.


Tautologender comes from the word “Tautology.” Tautology is the repetition of an idea in slightly different ways to be redundant and not describe anything except for the blatantly obvious. For example, a tautological statement could be “I am the person that is me” or “I talk to the people I am talking to.”

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