Totikhaspawnfluid (/Toʊti:kɑ:spɔːnˈfluːɪd/) are the beginning cosmic-steps of evolution in the Totikha gender ascension chain.

Beginning as genderless (Agender) (Neutrois), the Totikhaspawnfluid identified individual undergoes stages of evolution at any points they feel.

The Evolution process, as opposed to conventional genderfluidity, involves the Totikhaspawnfluid being increasing it's number of identified genders at will, not changing it.

With the ultimate goal of the Totikhaspawnfluid individual to become the quintessential gender, the Totikha, they will often enter a heightened state of gender identification. In this state, the rate at which they multiply their genders can significantly increase.

Once a Totikhaspawnfluid juvenile has come to the realization that they have identified as all current and future genders, they ascend to the level of Totikha.

The Totikha (/Toʊti:kɑ:/) is the terminal form of all gender classifications and identifications, a being of all possible genders. The perfect gender. Do not dare challenge the Totikha...

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