Transmedicalist flag

Transmedicalism is defined as "believing one needs to have some form of gender dysphoria in order to be trans." Transmedicalists often also go under the term "Transmed" "Truscum". Transmedicalists can defined as a cisgender person or a transgender person.


The beliefs of transmedicalists is that you need gender dysphoria to be trans which is defined as the condition of feeling one's emotional and psychological identity as male or female to be opposite to one's biological sex. Often people mistake gender dysphoria to be dibilitating, awful, and not needed to be trans. Though this is up to debate, most transmedicalists define gender dysphoria as the definition plus that people are allowed to have any fluctuating amount of dysphoria and do not need HRT or any surgery, just having gender dysphoria.


Harsh comment towards a transmed.

There has been a long lasting debate between "Tucutes"/"Transmedics" and "Transmedicalists"/"Truscum" about whether or not you need dysphoria to be trans, both sides have history of sending the other side death threats/suicide baiting and many other things. Both sides have also been blaimed for transphobia and "Transmeds" are often compared to TERFs, (TERF standing for Transgender Exclusionist Radical Feminist), which is a blantant transphobia. Though both sides show little to know transphobia and just calling it back and forth, transmeds are often seen as "sociopathic". Both sides have been caught doxxing and there are reasonable people who just want to debate on both sides, but that doesn't erase the bad taste both sides leave in your mouth. Though not everyone in these communities is toxic, doesn't mean there isn't anyone toxic. 

Someone with Transmed beliefs coming forward about the toxic community.

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