Trigonosexual is the proper term to use when someone relates to trigonometric functions, or, on a general term, to any mathematical function that is continuous and has real solutions. (For un-real solutions use Unreallysexual).

Check here for some inspiring functions: (Keep in mind wikipedia may be offensive towards Trigonosexual people as it refers to the functions as non-human)

It's recommended you refer to them as their function + ``sexual`` adapting for offensive sounding names (``arctansexual`` is offensive to Electrosexual people as it refers to a metal band that criticised them).

Prefered prefixes are:

  • [Their function]([Watever you want to say to them]): Hey, does sin(want a drink)?
  • Trig: Hey, does trig want a drink?
  • Trigm: Do you know what trigm favourite function is?

but trig may choose whatever trighm choice is.

Interesting Facts:

  • It may seem funny to call them "robots", as they use numbers, and numbers are for robots. They are not, and referring to them as so is highly offensive.
  • Many mathematicians secretly referred to their gender as "interest in mathematics", such as Einstein or Darwin.
  • Even though the gender is called "Trigonosexual" all continuous and with real solution genders fit here
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