Turtle-gender, sometimes known as turtleigender or tortoisegender, is a xenogender identity where you feel strongly connected to turtles and not other reptiles. This doesn't mean that you feel like a turtle, you might though, some people feel like where their gender should be it's just replaced with "turtle", or that their gender can be best explained with the use of turtles. Turtle-gender people can use any pronouns. Most popular pronouns among turtleigender people are: "turtlem/turtlis", "tri/tro/treds", "tur, ture,turem, turself"


The identity was created on January 20, 2021 by wiki user JAK3OWNSME. It was originally created on the gender wiki.


The flag was also created on January 20, 2021 by JAK3OWNSME. The colors don't have any official meaning.


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