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You may have seen me in the LGBTA Wiki already, but if you haven't: Hi! hope you are doing well.


I'm polysexual and bicurious, more specifically uranic and gynecurious.


I'm under the multigender, genderfluid, transneutral and transandrogyne umbrellas, as well as the intramasculine, mingender, fingender, genderfaunet, quadgender and genderfrith ones. Don't look at me! you gave me all of these! I fluctuate between the genders of male, androx, solarset, femboy gender and possibly androgyne. I'm still questioning and these may change as time goes.

General terms

Masculine terms

Feminine terms

Gender presentation

I feel a little embarassedd giving away too much info on my appearance rn so I'll let the labels do the job for me.