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Apple Apple Apple Apple Apple Apple Apple Apple 15 December 2019


This wiki seems really cool and expecting, besides one part.

Some of the comments on here are pretty, how do I put this? Genderphobic? Is that a word? Idk. What I mean is people being “tHiS gEnDeR dOeSn’T eXiSt” and overall, pretty nasty towards anyone who identifies as that gender.

Are...these comments going to be deleted anytime soon? They really should. Like, really should. Don’t admins or whatever hold the power to do that? (My knowledge on Fandom is limited, sos). I assure you, it would make many people feel a lot better about themselves if someone could just go through and delete some of this hate.

Currently going to community central to look up some info on admins. Plz respond if possible.

Edit: I just found comments with swears in it. Le…

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