Hey y'all! I'm Ari/Dev(an)/Mick/Lav(ender), and as you can probably tell I kinda have a thing with collecting a different name for each of my genders lmao. I'm genderfluid, sapphic-ish (as in I like girls no matter what gender I am at the time), aegosexual, and I use all pronouns, other than it/its, but I'm partial to they/them, xe/xem, aer/aers, and ask before using she/her or he/him ppronouns, because depending on my gender they can make me feel really dysphoric :). I love Sanders Sides, Hamilton, The Owl House, She-Ra (no spoilers tho, I'm not quite done with season 5 yet), and Star Wars. I love drawing, painting, listening to music, taekwon-do, and reading. Also I'm ADHD, semi-suicidal, and I have anxiety and depression. So in short, I'm a gay, mentally ill disaster of a fanperson.

- Lav

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