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Miiohau Miiohau 29 May 2020

Changes in admin team

Our only active Bureaucrat's account has been disabled and VoraciousMortal is applying Rollback which is a role only a Bureaucrat can give. So I am applying for Bureaucrat. This will have to be done Adoption:Requests on Community Central. Per their guidelines I will be leaving this post up for at least a wiki before putting in an adoption request.

All the users applying for rights can be seen here

My request can be seen here

edit: The adoption is finalized and we now have a active Bureaucrat   

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Miiohau Miiohau 24 December 2019

new background and wiki mark

LightAnimaux has created a new background and logo for the wiki shown below. This post is for wiki members to post comments and approve or disapprove of the proposed changes.

new logo:

new background:

(background should be seamless when tiled)

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Miiohau Miiohau 24 October 2017

FANDOM's Community Video Program

Fandom is lunching it next phase of Community Video Program. I just checked we are [ 608 on WAM as of October 23, 2017] so we qualify. Anybody interested in participating?

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Miiohau Miiohau 13 January 2017


Over my time here notice a much of activity is in the comments and don't necessarily relate to the page they are on(or at least not closely). So I thought I get everybody's idea on enabling Discussions on this wiki. To make clear this would be Discussions in parallel with our current system. But I expect much discussion will move into Discussions. You can see example of Discussions on our sister wiki trans* wiki

Now there much to decide still like how we will handle user rights for Discussion Moderators, and Chat Moderators. Who do not need and may not have wiki editing experience. 

P.s. to give some idea of the numbers we could be dealing with this wiki gets 6K views per day. So very possible the admin team will depend on you to report prob…

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Miiohau Miiohau 29 October 2016

pending redirect

I just discovered User:TheDerpen created a wiki to place their vandalism on at after they were blocked here. I am proposing that this site be redirected to us. I saw no content worth saving but you can look yourself. If you have any objections or opinions to this planned redirect comment on this blog post.

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