So, I am fairly new to the whole chat/forum thing, but here goes... I am 20 years old, I have identified thus far as cis female and had no problems but have always enjoyed dressing in whatever I want, wether that be dresses and bows or  "boys" shirts (from the time I was very young), "guy" clothes, or whatever. Since I have been introduced to the idea of gender being a spectrum and not black-and-white (four/five years or so), I have still been comfortable with identifying as cis female (i never really considered the possibility of myself being anything different) but dressing not necessarily in society's idea of "female" clothes. Recently, I have been having interesting feelings about my breasts. I wore a shirt and thought I would look/feel much better about not having breasts showing, and I even looked at chest binding. I still feel mostly female but a part of me wants to be nothing, androgynous I suppose, but still majority female I think. But I do not want to claim I am something I am not, so I want to make sure I have proper terminology and everything... I think I just like crossdressing, but the breasts thing kinda made me wonder, 'cause sometimes I am okay and confident wearing bras, but mostly I don't wear them/wear very thin ones, and now some days (it is getting more often) I don't want my breasts visible at all. I don't want to be offensive if I choose to wear a binder and still identifying mostly female. If anyone wishes to comment to maybe try and help me understand what, if anything, is happening, please feel free to. I just want to make sure I am not offending anyone by gaining as much knowledge as possible. 

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