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Um, hi. So, for a while now, I've been feeling a bit... off. I am biologically female, but I often feel like I'm in the wrong body, like I'm meant to be a male, not a female, and it flipping sucks because I end up feeling like pure crap. Sometimes, I just have an episode where I'm all "JESUS CHRIST ON A MOTORBOAT I LOOK LIKE A GIRL! WHY? WHYYYY? MUST I LOOK THIS WAY? MUST I HAVE A CHEST? MUST I LOOK LIKE A FLIPPING GIRL?" and then I find everything wrong with myself and the chest dysphoria comes rolling in. GREAT. (Though it doesn't happen that often) If I find myself having make-up on, I question why (like now), and I feel angry and/or sad about it. Same with nail polish, even clear. I want to perfect my nail polish, and then I want to rip it off.

So, um, yeah. That's my story.


"Am I a Demiguy/Demigirl, Bigender or Genderfluid?" <- I ask myself that everyday. Every. Single. Day.

Thanks for reading,